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Your gift, whatever the size, will help fuel our work to achieve equal access to healthcare for ALL in the United States!

We know that many of our supporters are struggling with medical bills and debt, as well as their own, or a loved one's, chronic disease, illness, or injury and this makes every dollar precious to us. We promise not to inundate you with almost-daily emails with requests for more money. You'll receive sporadic Activism Updates (an "unsubscribe"  button is always included!) - we try to make them quarterly, but other things are a higher priority - but unless we're planning a tour, event, or action that requires us to raise money, these Updates will not ask for it, though a PayPal button will always be available! We believe that people who appreciate our work don't have to be asked to support DUH - they just do! Do you? If so, THANKS! 

If not, PLEASE take the short survey. Click the "Donation Survey" link just below. We hope your feedback will empower us to be better fundraisers while adhering to our principle of not bugging you constantly for money!

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