2018 Candidates

DUH has chosen not to seek 501(c)(3) status deliberately so that we can endorse specific candidates and legislation. In order to gain DUH's endorsement, a candidate must not only say he or she supports NIMA, Medicare for All, universal single-payer, or whatever else it's been called (except no politispeak about "affordable," "accessible" healthcare!), but they must walk their talk consistently when speaking, appearing at public events, in what they write, and most importantly, in their voting record if they have held public office.

November 6, 2018 will be an election day upon which we will have a chance to cause a tsunami of change in Congress. All 435 seats in the House and 33 of 100 seats in the Senate will be up for grabs. Though we can't begin to cover all state and local races, there will be 36 states that will elect new governors and we'll endorse those whose positions on healthcare are appropriate for their state and that may provide precedent and impetus to parties other than the Dems and Reps.

Only if we on the Left - Progressive Democrats in more than name only, Independents, Democratic Socialists, and other third-party voters - are informed and make choices that serve our own interests and achieve the best results for the state/country can that wave hit and wash away the corrupt, fraudulent, hate-filled, profit-driven morass that is our current government. But we have to get off our asses and turn the traditional "Lefties don't turn out to vote" into "The Progressive turn out was massive!" 

Party affiliation beside the candidates' names will be D - Democrat, DS - Democratic Socialist, G - Green, I - Independent, O3 - Other 3rd Party, and PD - Progressive Democrat, 

The method we use to determine and support our endorsees is:

  • Consulting politics1.com and ballotpedia.org to gather names and URLs of candidates' websites OR researching candidates and their staff who reach out to us
  • Visiting each website to see where the candidate stands on healthcare and other issues. Just because they've been endorsed by Justice Democrats, Brand New Congress, or Our Revolution, doesn't necessarily mean they're for NIMA. Note: EVERY candidate should have an "Issues" page on a website. Making people scroll through Facebook reports or tweets from the fish fry you went to on Thursday is NOT good strategy!
  • Consulting https://www.opensecrets.org/ to determine incumbents' or repeat candidates' donations from health insurance, pharma, and health-related companies
  • Adding candidate to this page - those running for the Senate and for Governor will be pictured on the right, those for the House on the left. 
  • Informing the candidates that they have DUH's endorsement (that's the fun part!)
  • Promoting candidates on the People Overcoming Politics Facebook page and for the general election, on both DUH and POP. Feel free to share!

NOTE: Only ONE candidate from each different party will be endorsed from each district or race. After the primaries have decided the final candidates, we will reassess and endorse candidates that meet our criteria for the general election.

This is tedious work (and infinite thanks must go to our valiant volunteer Luule Vess and former volunteer Campaign Consultant Josh Dill, who've gone through every state's candidates to find the ones who meet our criteria), but it's exciting to have so many candidates who reflect our values and positions on issues. Last year we endorsed nine. This year there were over 100 before the primaries began!